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After decades of working in public policy, government, communications, business and the environment, my desktop has become a thoroughfare for a wide range of information. On March 27, 2020, given the uncertainty of the coronavirus crisis, we began publishing The Nett Report to provide value to our clients and friends. We promised to provide news, perspectives, and insights readers might not otherwise learn about in hopes of helping to stimulate creative thinking in the weeks and months to come as the pandemic raged.

Award-Winning from the Beginning

After being published for only four months, The Nett Report was honored to receive an honorable mention in the newsletter category for at the San Diego Press Club’s Excellence in Journalism competition on October 27, 2020. There were more than 1,100 entries in multiple categories and the submissions were judged by press clubs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Rochester (New York), Florida, Cleveland, Orange County, Milwaukee, Tulsa, and Alaska.

By April 2021, we felt there was more to write about and we surveyed our readers to learn what they wanted to see in The Nett Report. The answers came back loud and clear. These were the important topics:

  • Covid-19 remained

  • The Political Divide

  • Climate Change

  • The Future of Work and the Economy

  • The Nett Light-Side – a reader suggestion that we provide content about the lighter side of our changing world.

Those topics have continued to be of value to our readers, as some have written:

What Our Readers Say

  • “Now is a great time to be diving into these topics in a measured, thoughtful way. We need more content like that and much, much less of the divisive yelling that goes on in the major social platforms and news outlets.”

  • “Your Nett Report is always one of the most interesting and meaningful newsletters that hits my inbox, so keep it up!”

  • “Such a good newsletter! I read it all!”

  • “I enjoyed the newsletter, sad and beautiful.”

  • “Interesting, varied, and thorough newsletter.”

  • “You cover the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

  • “Very cool pieces on sharks and spy craft!  The other stuff is very depressing but glad you’re keeping your audience informed.”

  • “Loved the orangutan story at the end - thank you for the pick-me-ups along with the other news!”

  • “I really enjoy your publication! And I can’t resist the fun things at the end. I admit the cicadas are amazing, but also REALLY GROSS!”

A New Beginning

And now, at the end of August 2022, we are opening up The Nett Report to new readers by publishing on Substack. Our focus remains the same, but with a slightly different description:

Every other week, The Nett Report brings readers thoughtful perspectives useful to navigating life in a changing world.

The newsletter will remain free to both current readers and new subscribers. Depending on interest, future plans include adding more in-depth content on subjects that seem to pique reader interest.

We are also looking forward to additional dialogue on the Substack platform that will provide readers with additional insights.

Who is Carl Nettleton?

I am an award-winning writer, published in Fortune, Triple Pundit, Huffington Post, and many others. I speak before diverse audiences and am a thought partner, facilitator, and subject-matter expert regarding water, climate, sustainability, the ocean, and binational U.S. Mexico border affairs. I founded my consultancy, Nettleton Strategies in 2007, and continue to earn the trust of clients as a source of analysis and advice on issues at the forefront of public policy, business, and the environment. I describe what I do using the words of my then four-year-old son: “My dad travels around the world helping people to think,” he said. I still do help people to think about and plan for the future.

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Every other week, The Nett Report brings readers thoughtful perspectives useful to navigating a changing world.


Carl Nettleton is an award-winning writer, thought partner, acclaimed speaker, and subject matter expert regarding water, climate, sustainability, the ocean, and binational U.S. Mexico affairs.